Digital Marketing for small business

Let me take away the stress and complexity of marketing your business to allow you to work in your business and keeping those customers happy!

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Scale up your marketing

Working in your business and working on your business at the same time can sometimes be almost impossible for small businesses. Who's marketing your business whilst you're hard at work? On the other hand, who's completing all that hard work to pay the bills if you're spending all your time marketing? That's where I can help.

Knowing the struggles first hand. I am always honest, transparent and upfront with all my customers no matter what the end result. With that in mind, let me begin by saying, there are no guarantees with marketing...there just isn't. However, we all know money makes money and therefore marketing is essential, not optional.

To help with this we start off as small as possible with a budget you are comfortable with and one that will generate results. Once the results start to come in and confidence and trust is built, we then look at increasing and further optimising spend.

Why not get in touch and we can talk through your project requirements.


High performing campaigns

Based on your goals and current marketing activities I can create high-performing digital marketing campaigns for your small business. We start off as small as possible, find out what works then scale.

Paid Search (AdWords)

Crafting high-performance campaigns, starting small and not wasting budget. Continuous refinement and optimisations make sure we get the most 'bang for your buck'.

Local SEO

Local SEO is a major player in todays search ranking game. I'l make sure you have the right tools in place, business pages setup and citation information correct to promote your business.

Social Media

Professionally managed social media campaigns designed to increase brand reach, awareness and audience engagement through targeted social channels.

"We've seen a continued increase in online sales with the latest figures showing a 55.28% revenue increase over the previous 30 days."
Vernon Otto from IntraVita
Vernon Otto
IntraVita International
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Track everything!

Tracking conversions with your marketing is essential! How do you know what is and isn't working if you haven't tracked what is converting to a lead and what isn't?

Google Analytics

With Google Analytics we can track all sorts of data like bounce rates, conversion rates and goal completions. All this information can be fed back into our marketing campaigns to make sure when making decisions on increasing budgets, altering ads or improving our landing page experience, that those decisions are based on analytical data and not guess work.

Monthly reporting

It's important to keep in touch on a regular basis and I will be constantly keeping an eye on progress. Each month I'll perform a full review of all activities to find out what is and isn't working so we can optimise spend. A simple and easy to understand report will be available each month. It's also a good idea to speak once a month to keep me appraised of any new product lines or offers you're thinking of running.

Limited Offer

Up to £375 towards monthly AdWords spend

That initial leap of faith is always difficult, so to help out, I can provide a voucher worth up to £75 towards ad spend. Plus, on top of that I'll reduce AdWords management fees by £100 per month for the first three months to put towards your monthly ad spend!

Be quick, there are limited vouchers available!

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